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Ezshwan Winding Exhibition


Bees and Beyond

As an introduction to Pozos newest gallery, Ezshwan Winding and Cynthia Hamilton have created an installation of encaustic paintings and up cycled, one of a kind pillows.Encaustic paint is an art form with ancient roots that can produce modern results combining pure beeswax, tree resin and pigments to produce rich colors and textures and then it is heat fused with a torch into the base layers.These San Miguel artists are focusing on the importance of bees in our lives and the fact that this ancient art form uses filtered bee’s wax as the basis of the hot wax painting. Many people know of and have studied with Ezshwan Winding. After 62 years of making art, she has experience with all art techniques, but says, “Other art mediums can not give the luminous results of encaustic painting. I appreciate the wax that is the gift of the bees to us and honor the source.”Colony collapse disorder is a phenomenon that threatens our existence on this planet.   Find Out More

Ellen Palestrant Blog Post


ellen palestrant artist   


“There are vast realms of consciousness still undreamed of vast ranges of experience, like the humming of unseen harps, we know nothing of, within us. -D.H. Lawrence… Even when awake we dream; we create dreams in our conscious minds. These might be dreams of what we want for our futures, our expressions of deep desires and our creative aspirations. Our daydreams are our rehearsals for life dreamed in private – outside the judgment of others. From Ellen Palestrant’s Blog.” READ MORE

Bridget Palmer Art

   bridget palmer art

In Two Minds

Joint exhibition for Suffolk Open Studios with Bridget Palmer Art and Patricia Lomax.

Open every weekend in June 2016

Original, affordable, vibrant abstract art at the working studio of Bridget Palmer Art.

All are welcome, come and browse, see how we work, go away inspired!


Backyard Studio, Garlands, Clay Common, Frostenden, Suffolk NR34 8BQ

Ivan Jones Exhibition

Tower House Gallery Exhibition Knighton, Wales.

I am proud to be the first artist to exhibit in the window of the newly refurbished Tower House Gallery in Knighton, Powys.  The gallery is well worth a visit and the coffees are the best in the region!

ivan jones artist

Here you see Ivan with gallery owner Julia Roberts.

You can more on the Hereford Times website Find Out More

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Artist Deane Bowers

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Deane Bowers

Recyle Artist

I love Artistsuncovered, they promote all artists, thanks so much for promoting us! – Twitter

Artist Ramya

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@jmackenzieart I’d recommend all artists to join @artistsuncoverd. Great site to be a part of #art –  Twitter

James Mackenzie sells both in the UK and internationally Visit Website

James Mackenzie

Uk Landscape Artist

Thank you for your continued support. Marketing is my biggest challenge, I’d rather paint. You have really helped me get the word out #art #CubanAmericanArt –  Twitter

Artist Linda Storm  Visit Website

Linda Storm

Cuban American Artist

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Ellen Palestrant

Ever since I was a child, I have created in different forms, generally propelled by a desire to explore an idea and discover what it might become. I still continue to do so in many diverse yet interconnected areas…

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Drunk Wolf

I started messing about with spray paints in 2008/9 without any real clue as to what I was doing other than I liked what I saw in places like Brick Lane, Bristol and Brighton and wanted to do the same, but smaller scale, so I took to painting on canvases, pieces of wood, card, anything I could get my hands on and I’ve been doing it ever since…

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Sheri Bredeson

I am very much a student of the game, studying training/preparation, performances…at some point a vision emerges and it is something that I must translate into art.

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Jose Higuera

“I believe that it is the process of artistic creation that gives the real sense to my life. It is not easy, but when one is alone in the room with the art work, there is total abstraction of the being and nothing else in this world matters…”

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