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flaviconAU_lrgAbout us…Art made with passion, soul and vision. Art that connects. That is what we love at Artistsuncovered and we are
passionate and committed to bring that art to as many people as possible.


To give everyone an opportunity to see amazing artworks and to uncover an array of gifted artists every day of the year. A place to discover, be inspired and to support makers of unique and original works of art. Provide independent artists, galleries and creatives from around the world, a platform to showcase their talent and introduce them to a wider audience.

Artistsuncovered provides artists and creatives with a platform to showcase their talents, a flexible promotional tool to help gain much needed further exposure. So whether you create abstract paintings, are a pop art artist or practise fine art photography we can help you reach further and wider.

Emerging and professional artists are welcome to join Artistsuncovered and are invited to register for membership. We endeavour to showcase as many artists as possible, we do however have a stringent quality policy and will only exhibit works that meet with our standards. This preserves the content for both our readership and current members.

How it works

Before registering, you will be subject to a review process. If successful, you can then complete a profile and add your portfolio of work, contact information, pricing and links to the places you sell your art from. We then frequently promote your artworks and events across all our media channels.*

Users are also encouraged to inform us if they are having an exhibition or have any newsworthy stories that we can promote to the art fans and collectors that follow our site.

 We also frequently promote our artists across several of our social media accounts and features on the site including our blog, ‘Art Talk – Ten Questions’ and our home page ‘Featured Artist’ galleries, with many new features to be announced.

 *Please note some promotions are for paid memberships only.

Become an Artistsuncovered member and join a friendly, growing community helping you connect with art lovers and collectors worldwide.



Discover artists and creatives from all over the world, from painters, printmakers to photographers, sculptors and many more…

About us - Artistsuncovered

Dan Wellington

Landscape Artist & Founder

I spent a lot of time looking for websites that would promote artists and their work and most importantly one I could trust, but couldn’t find any that quite ticked all the boxes. That’s why I created Artistsuncovered. It’s a great place to showcase your art, gain real exposure and view some amazingly talented artists.


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Whether you’re a budding collector, art lover or artist, immerse yourself in hand picked authentic art made by real artists.



Introducing art lovers to the works of talented artists is one of the best parts of Artistuncovered. Comment, share or contact them directly, your support is always welcome.

Getting lost in the crowds? Staying visible with Artistsuncovered...

Visibility is crucial in todays crowded art market with more artists than ever before selling art online.

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