Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artistsuncovered ?

Artistsuncovered is a new and exciting platform showcasing artwork and events from independent artists and creatives around the world. Establishing direct connections between artists and art lovers, exposure to a wider audience and getting artists work seen by real art enthusiasts, galleries and establishments.

How does it work ?

Once registered (subject to a review process), you can complete a profile and add your portfolio of work, contact information, pricing and links to the places you sell your art from. We then frequently promote your artworks and events across all our media channels.

Users are also encouraged to inform us about exhibitions, blog posts or if they have any newsworthy stories that we can promote to the art fans and collectors that follow our site and social media pages.

 We also frequently promote our artists on the site including our blog, videos, ‘Art Talk – Ten Questions’ and our home page ‘Featured Artist’ galleries, with many more exciting new features to be announced soon!

Artist Submissions

Membership Info

How do I join Artistsuncovered ?

Simply fill out the submission form for consideration. If successful a link to a registration page will be sent to become a member. Payment, if required, is taken via Paypal at registration.



Can I pay by credit or debit card ?

Yes. You can securely pay with credit and debit cards or a Paypal account. See PayPal FAQ’s below for more details.

What types of art do you feature ?

We love all types of art here at Artistsuncovered and are happy to feature many varieties, including:

  • Paintings
  • Sculptures
  • Ceramics
  • Fine art photography
  • Printmakers
  • Mixed media
  • Drawings
  • Collage
  • Installations
  • Digital art
  • Glass art
Can I join on behalf of somebody else ?

Yes. If you are a gallery, group or organisation then you can submit artwork on behalf of your artists by becoming a ‘Gallery’ member. Submit for Gallery membership.

I own an art business, can I promote an exhibition or show ?

Absolutely. Simply join us as ‘Gallery’ member and you can upload any artworks, events or promotions to your profile wall and galleries and we will promote you across the site, email and social media.

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Can I buy the artworks seen on Artistsuncovered ?

Buyers can purchase art directly from the artists. Contact details are provided on artists profiles. By making a direct 100% commission free purchase, you are helping to support artists continue to be able to create and produce their artworks.



PayPal FAQ’s

Do I need a PayPal account to pay with my credit or debit card ?

No. You can use your credit or debit card to make your transaction via PayPal without an account, but you’ll need to fill in your details to complete the request. Paypal will ask if you want to create an account towards the end of the transaction, choose ‘No’.

I have a PayPal account but want to pay by card ?

Yes no problem. The easiest way to do this is to link a card to you Paypal account, see more details here

I'm getting an error message and my card won't work in Paypal !

This can occasionally happen depending on which country you reside in and also some browsers can have conflicts with PayPal. Make a note of the error message and contact Paypal through their Facebook or Twitter accounts for a speedier response!

Snapchat For Artists and Designers

Snapchat For Artists and Designers

Snapchat is perfect for artists and designers that want to showcase the process of their work and what happens from their studios. It’s a quick, direct way of storytelling to your audience that’s also fun and easy to use!

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