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    • Sheltered Moon

      5 Picture(s)

      12x12\" abstract painting on deep canvas, $115

    • Fairy Forest

      4 Picture(s)

      Small abstract in bright green texture and metallics that jumps off the wall with details. Textured with acrylic gels of several types. Blue metallic paint adds some dimension to the shapes that I think resemble a forest. This painting is 11” x 14” on a canvas panel, just 1/8” deep, but very sturdy and easy to hang just as it is. Perhaps in your study, office, beside a lamp in your bedroom, kitchen backsplash – lots of places. You probably have just the spot.

    • Circus Scene

      5 Picture(s)

      12\" x 24\" deep canvas abstract painting

    • Circus Scene

      0 Picture(s)

      12\" x 24\" deep canvas abstract painting

    • Blue Energy

      5 Picture(s)

      Acrylic abstract on 11x14" canvas panel, $105

    • Autumn Spirits

      4 Picture(s)

      Two 6x8\" canvas panels, $125 Etsy

    • Peachy Petals

      7 Picture(s)

      9x12" Abstract acrylic on heavy paper, $90

    • Ruby Road

      6 Picture(s)

      Acrylic abstract 12x12\" deep canvas painting.

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    I'm Sally Erickson, an abstract acrylic artist known as SallyE. I am also a former web designer and developer, graphic designer, and landscape designer. All that client-conforming design finally got to me.

    So I gave up the technology and creating ads and brochures and websites for the much more free-flow process of abstract painting. What a change this has made in my life. No stress, just fun, joy, pride, and fulfillment.

    I use acrylic paint and abstract format because that's what felt natural to me - a modern material and format. I don't think about what to paint, I just do it. Well, I do select a color palette and then decide the layers of the colors. Next I select a brush or a palette knife or a sponge, and away I go. It's all a quiet, happy, flowing process. 

    I am always surprised by what I create, and I can't wait to do it again.

    My bold colors and forms may inspire you, make you happy, or suggest something fun in your past. I hope so. That is one of my goals. Another is to add decoration to your home or office. Then you'll be able to repeat that feeling you had when you first looked at the painting whenever you pass by it.

    I have a whole studio full of these paintings now. I enjoy them, but I'd like to share them with you.

    I hope you find something here or at ArtFinder that will bring you pleasure when you see it, then fit on one of your walls. Thank you for coming by.



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