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    I am in love with paint.  I love the colours, the feel and even the word!  My passion for painting abstracts is for the form and balance of the finished artwork and the challenge this presents.  I love to work in acrylics and occasionally mixed media and oil paint.


    My paintings nearly always start off with my current favourite colour.  Sometimes, I will start by covering the canvas with just that colour, it makes me happy. From that point the ongoing conversation between me, the canvas, the colours, the brushes and the marks I make eventually make a finished piece.  It is always a surprise to me when it is finished, it seems I am never expecting it then I add one more brush stroke and it is done.


    There is a freedom in making art.  An absorption of thought working out the solution for that particular painting which uses up your hours and leaves you both satisfied, exhausted and exhilarated in equal measure.

    I hope you enjoy looking at my art and that it gives you as much happiness looking at it as it did for me in creating it.


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