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    Artist Name:Drunk Wolf Country:United Kingdom
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    Spray paint and digital artist originally from St Helens, Merseyside and now based in Reigate, Surrey.  About to embark on two solo shows in 2016.

    Previous exhibitions:

    • The Bigger Picture (2015) - Exhibited 'YOLO'

    • St Helens Open Art Competition (2015) - Placed 3rd overall with 'Anna Kissed'

    • Millennium Academy of Arts - Exhibited 'Maelstrom'

    • 'The Beauty Of...' - Exhibited 'Inked #1-3'


    Upcoming Exhibitions:

    • 'St Helens Goes Pop' - Solo show at The World Of Glass, St Helens. April 30th-Jun 3rd 2016.

    • 'Inked' - Solo show at Matthews Yard, Croydon. 29th July - 17th September 2016.

    Art Collectives:

    Founding member of We Art The Response.  A local art collective creating artwork to respond to news or issues utilising the Free Art Friday platform. Featured several times in local press.

    All original and digital artwork and prints are now available through my own website Drunk Wolf Art.

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    • Spray Paint Work

      10 Picture(s)

      This is a gallery of my spray paint art work made using hand drawn and cut stencils a broad selection of spray paints including (but not limited to) Kobra, Montana, Molotov, Ironlak and Belton.

    • Digital Art

      16 Picture(s)

      Pieces created using Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator.

    • Star Wars Vintage Digital Stamps

      4 Picture(s)

      Mocked up Photoshop drawn and created Star Wars stamps featuring old school bad guys from the films.

    • Inked

      11 Picture(s)

      A celebration and research into the beauty of body art.

    • Suicide Squad

      10 Picture(s)

      Digitally drawn playing cards of all Suicide Squad members.

    • Music Icons

      6 Picture(s)

      Series of 6 digitally created music icons from down the years. Available for sale on my site as prints.

    • East Street Arts - The Old Co-Op Project, Liverpool

      16 Picture(s)

      10 Artists, 10 8x8ft boards. 7 Hours to paint. Collaborating with Naoise Johnson-Martin.

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