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    Ezshwan is an award wining artist who has been painting for 60 years and using encaustic for 15 years. The 49 years before, she worked mainly in oil and acrylic. Her work is in museums, corporate and private collections. Hundreds of artists have attended her encaustic workshops over the past 9 years.

    To buy prints of my original paintings, see:
    You can also buy original here on on my website. Click on an image for the Buy Now button. Shipping to the U.S and Canada is included in the price. When you find a painting that you want, consider time payments. I feel that it is an honor when someone wants one of my painting enough to make payments; also, you can make an offer on any painting. I will assess your offer and get back to you.

    Follow my artistic process and workshops on my blogs:
    My art and life in San Miguel
    Encaustic Workshops



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      Paintings of people and faces in oil and/or encaustic

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      Encaustic Abstract painting: what is encaustic? Encaustic is a wax based paint (composed of beeswax, resin and pigment), which is kept molten on a heated palette. It is applied to an absorbent surface and then reheated in order to fuse the paint. The word ‘encaustic’ comes from the Greek word enkaiein, meaning to burn in, referring to the process of fusing the paint. Although they come from the same root word, ‘encaustic’ should not be confused with ‘caustic,’ which refers to a corrosive chemical reaction. There is no such hazard with encaustic. Opulence. Encaustic is perhaps the most beautiful of all artists\' paints, and it is as versatile as any 21st century medium. It can be polished to a high gloss, carved, scraped, layered, collaged, dipped, cast, modeled, sculpted, textured, and combined with oil. It cools immediately, so that there is no drying time, yet it can always be reworked. Wax is its own varnish. Encaustic paintings do not have to be varnished or protected by glass because encaustic, which is the most durable of all artists\' paints, is its own protector. This is because beeswax is impervious to moisture, which is one of the major causes of deterioration in a paint film. Wax resists moisture far more than resin varnish or oil. Buffing encaustic will give luster and saturation to color in just the same way resin varnish does.

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