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Deane Valentine Bowers

United States

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    Artist Name:Deane Valentine Bowers Country:United States
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    As a self-taught environmental folk artist, my creative process is guided by two principles. First and most importantly, produce art that makes people happy. Second, strive to be an environmentally conscious artist whose work has a positive impact on the environment and celebrates recycling as an art form. While my eclectic collection includes pieces in mixed media collage, clay and paint, it is my work in found object sculpture that brings me the greatest joy. I have sold, displayed and donated selected pieces in various retail and gallery locations as well as hospitals and non-profit organizations throughout the South for the past 20 years.

    My passion for collecting and using found object materials was born from the idea of finding broken, fragmented and discarded pieces and transforming them into something cheerful and uplifting. My mission lies in "culling" the streets and beaches to uncover a variety of materials and then creatively transforming them into art. There is an abundance of items thrown away, or left behind on a daily basis that are free, plentiful and readily available. Every nail, screw, bottle cap, piece of wood, wire and tin has its own story as it has gone through some journey to end up discarded. My most cherished scraps are rusted, street worn and ocean washed. Each piece I create proudly incorporates items that otherwise might cause a flat tire or end up in a landfill and they are given an alternative value and a fresh purpose. By creating texturally rich and layered sculptures, I am inviting the viewer to experience recycling as a creative endeavor and a visionary one driven by the purpose of uplifting them. I am truly excited and constantly challenged to highlight ordinary, discarded materials and create art that enhances, compliments and warms an individual home or an area in a medical or corporate setting.

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