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    Artist Name:Jane Wilson Country:United Kingdom
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    Jane  is best known for her Cartography paintings which combine vintage maps with animal portraiture, creating unique, contemporary artworks that aim to celebrate and promote awareness of conservation and environmental issues both locally, in the UK, and globally. Her animal subjects are often endangered or facing challenges from loss of habitat or climate change.

    She works predominantly in acrylics and watercolours but is happy to experiment with any medium and is currently working on a series of mixed media, expressive landscapes that are the perfect contrast to the more detailed, refined animal paintings

    Jane's work is driven by her love of nature and the environment but also by her love of colour and texture. Artists who influence her work include Matisse and Van Gogh along with two current artists, Kurt Jackson and Mike Bernard whose work she admires and aspires to.

    Jane is proud to be represented by both Artfinder and Will's Art Warehouse and a selection of paintings are available to view and purchase from and


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