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    The opportunity to become a full time artist presented itself with a move to the country, where inspiration is ever-present, allowing for an abundance of creativity. My work is impressionistic and abstract. The way I see the world. My use of vibrant colours reflects my love of colour and how they can affect the viewer of the painting.

    I find painting allows me to show the connectivity of mankind, both to one another and to our surroundings.

    I paint what I feel in my abstracts, and I paint the beauty of the world as I see it in my landscapes. My influences are artists who love and play with colour , two of my favorites being Thomas Moran and J.M.W. Turner. Their use of colour and how it can evoke emotion draws me to their style of work.

    I see my talent as a privilege, and the ability to share it as a gift. I view any positive or negative emotion drawn from another with my work as a positive. My entire goal is to connect to my audience by evoking emotion, negative and positive alike.

    To achieve my paintings, I use whatever it takes to reach the end result, including paintbrushes.:)
    As a self taught artist I feel I do not have any limitations I don't know what will work or not work till I try it and this can be very exciting and produce some amazing results. Its all very intuitive for me.

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    I have an unquenchable desire to create. I have the need to see my imagination come into this reality and inspire a response from the viewer. I feel we are all connected by our humanness and have the ability to evoke emotion through many artistic mediums, my mediums of choice are acrylic paints and clay. We are children of the earth, I am inspired by what is all around us, The sun, the sky, the moon, the stars, the earth and the sea are my muse for my impressions put to canvas.  In abstraction I try to capture a feeling, an emotion, something tangible a feeling from deep within..

    I create because this is my obsessive passion.

    Paula Sherry

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    • Shadow people

      5 Picture(s)

      Abstract and impressionistic depictions featuring my Shadow people.

    • Abstract expressionism

      5 Picture(s)

      These pieces transcend time are both conceptual and abstract. The viewer is drawn into them by what they can see and imagine..

    • Seascapes

      6 Picture(s)

      The sea is grand and beautiful. It v can be both peaceful and terrifying. I is the life force of our earth.

    • Cosmic Awakenings

      1 Picture(s)

      We are all the Stuff of stars.

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