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Marie Kazalia Artist

1. How long have you been an artist and how did you get into it?

In early childhood I painted, thought about being an artist someday, and spent many hours each Saturday inside a large US art museum. I’d arrive when the doors opened and spend hours looking at the art before going to the kids art classes in the basement classrooms. Then I attended art school earning my BFA degree.

2. What is your preferred medium and roughly what is the process for creating your work?

I prefer to paint with fine art acrylics, Flashe and oil paints.

3. Describe your life as an artist in 3 words?

Introspective Observant Visualizations

4. Where do you draw your inspiration from and why?

My art comes from within. When I find myself interested in a certain aspect, such as soft vs hard in painting, then I will review art of the past to see how successful artists have examined such things. I have a large collection of reference images that I’ve gathered on Pinterest.

5. Who or what has had the greatest influence on your art and career so far?

Working with art materials, pigments and mediums on my own.

6. One piece of advice for a new artist?

Find your own way.

7. What is the one item in the studio you couldn’t live without?


8. What music do you listen to when working in the studio?

Sometimes I listen to music. I like World Music, contemporary Asian artists.

9. What are the best and worst things about being an artist?

The best thing is getting lost in time while painting and it all feels so deeply satisfying. The worst thing is when I have to stop working to attend to other matters that keep me away from my art practice.

10. Do you have a favourite app or technology that assists your working day?

I have a WordPress blog to promote my art, and I upload my work to some online galleries, and I have some sales of my art on print site, the kind that do the printing and shipping and pay me royalties. I also use Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIN, Tumblr, my blogs, and theartStack.

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Marie Kazalia artist

‘Prenomen’ by Artist Marie Kazalia




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